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About Gut2Behave

Metabolic profiling of the gut-brain axis as a new stratification process to improve behavioural disorders: proof of concept in alcohol dependence

• The Gut2Behave project was initiated from ERA-NET NEURON network (Joint Transnational Call 2019 – Translational biomarkers in brain disorders)

• The Gut2Behave project will establish a set of biomarkers involved in gut-brain axis to control emotional and cognitive functions to better stratify patients and to design innovative treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

• The Gut2Behave project innovates in the scientific rationale and health care for psychiatric diseases that require personalized approach.

• The Gut2Behave consortium gathers 4 research groups from Belgium, France, and Finland with complementary expertises such as:

1) host physiology with emphasis on management of AUD

2) intervention studies based nutritional strategy targeting the gut microbiota  

3) gut-brain axis for control of emotional and cognitive functions  

4) untargeted metabolomics